GweikeCloud Summer Vibes Privacy Policy

You are welcome to use to participate in our activities!

This statement will help you better upload your work in this gweikecloud summer vibes. By uploading a work, you are deemed to have fully informed and fully accepted the following:

1. The works you publish on this platform as a creator should have independent and complete intellectual property rights, and must not infringe any rights such as intellectual property rights of others.

2. If your uploaded works and related materials (including but not limited to creativity, audio, pictures and videos, fonts, etc.) infringe any third-party rights, the platform has the right to issue the complained work after receiving the relevant infringement complaint. Take off the shelf and disqualify from the competition.

3. You know, understand and agree that all works you upload and publish through this platform will grant Gweikecloud worldwide, free, non-exclusive, and sublicensable (through multiple levels) rights (including but not limited to reproduction rights, Translation rights, compilation rights, information network dissemination rights, adaptation rights, production derivatives, performance and display rights), the scope of use includes but is not limited to current or other websites, applications, products or terminal equipment. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the rights granted above include the rights and licenses to use in any publicity, promotion, advertising, marketing and/or research related to the above content Gweikecloud brand, and to otherwise develop the content (in whole or in part) .