gweike cloud Air Filter (home type)

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  • Interior: 3-layer filtration including premium-filter, activated carbon and HEPA filters to achieve 99.97% purification rate. Particles down to 3μm.

Product Description

The first filter is thicker.

Longer lifespan up to 4 timesthan the market one.


The second layer here is the hepa filter

which mainly filters PM0.5, effectively absorbs and filters air 0.25-0.5μm which can cause harmful particulate matter to human body. It is recommended to replace it in about 6 months.

Lifespan: 3-6 months

The third layer here is made of activated carbon filter

which absorbs some of the terrible sense created by different materials.

Lifespan:6-12 months

Product parameters

Power 300W
Wind 400m³/h
Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Weight 25kg
Air inlet Dimensions Db 20-150mm
Dimensions 420*320*580mm
Db ≤55db

Customer Reviews

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Benedikt Leuenberger

Danke für den Lüfter
Die Maschine saugt sehr gut und der Lärm ist OK.
Aber warum sagt niemand das nach der Installation keine Zuluft zum Laserkopf mehr vorhanden ist? Also neuer Lüfter für Abluft und alter Filterkasten behalten für Luft zum Laserkopf,

Yes Benedikt, old filter box supply simply filter and air assist.
Ja Benedikt, alter Filterkasten liefert einfach Filter und Luftunterstützung.

So much easier than the manual unit. We love this.

So much easier than the manual unit. We love this.