with a faster and cheaper laser ?

The first to apply industrial-grade laser technology to home use, using 50W laser tube, letting the speed of Gweikecloud is 3.4 times than other laser cutters, greatly improving work efficiency.

Gweikecloud Machine price includes taxes and freight, equipped with water cooling, air pump, and air filter. People don't need to upgrade an extra charge for it. Material package and dust fan also came along with the laser. Everything is ready for you, one click to start your new business!


businesses How can I start a business and make money with Gweikecloud? Well, Lets hear from many Gweikecloud owners, they will tell you what you can do with Gweikecloud, like sell crafts kits, custom design service, wedding oraments, referrals, etc. Learn about their business expriences to help you choose the best way to start your business.

We also prepared a businesses coupon for those who want to start a new business with Gweikecloud.

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Meet Gweikecloud Owners
  • Living in France
  • Newbie for laser cutter
  • Brings in an additional700€ per month

This is my first time using a laser cutter,I bought my gweikecloud 8 months ago, and started my business 2 months ago. We now make about 700€ a month. It is not my main job, but as a sideline, I am very happy that I bought the machine being as it helps me make extra money.

We support customization, engraving your photos on wood, and wooden decoration. Being as people are often confused about what to buy for a birthday presents they are very happy to use our help to gift their loved ones something special. We also provide special customized newborn gifts, which people love.

In the very beginning, choosing an affordable machine that can fit your demands is very important and I am very happy that I found the Gweikecloud.Starting a buisness It can be overwhelming at times and a bit stressful just in case anything was to go wrong, but Gweike’s team is amazing for any little issues they are there to help me they are there to resolve any problems 24/7.

I now sell my crafts on my website, here is it: .and we also share our work on social media, people love it, business is really picking up.

I would like to say to people who want to start a business with Gweikecloud “If you are planning to start a business go for it. If you don’t try you will never know.”

  • Lives in Montreal, Canada
  • Making miniatures for over 15 years
  • Using a laser cutter saves more time for me

Being a graphic designer and art director for the past 20+ years has given me a great visual eye on things and I always try to combine all my skills into my miniatures. In my teens I started with building model kits but was quickly bored just following the instructions, I wanted to make my own pieces. I later made miniatures for architects, small films and as custom gifts as a hobby. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and had to stop my day job. During my recovery I decided to reignite an old childhood passion, miniatures! I began a series of dioramas based on my love of 80’s classic movies, and being a child of the 1980’s, Back To The Future was one of my favorite films.

Now,I have a lot of orders and up until I got my laser cutter all my cuts were done by hand or with hand tools. Here is my websit :

The laser helps me do that quickly. For me,I also use other wood. Metal, plastic etc. My works can’t be created with just a laser cutter, it is a tool for me and it helps me to improve the efficiency. And if you want to make more detailed projects, this is very important.

If you want to start your business. I would say to find a niche that has a market. And know your market. Is it other creators? Is it collectors? Is it businesses? Once you know that, become an Expert in that style and start to make a name for yourself.At beginning, my suggestion is do it on the side until the side money is steady. You will have to basically work 2 jobs for about a year to be sure it will work. But it’s worth it. Making miniatures is my main job, I do very well for myself Including my commercial projects I make over the average income for my area.

  • Based out of Cincinnati, OH
  • Family making crafts together
  • You can make many thing in your kitchen

Hey there! It's Jason - the "guy" behind One Crafty Guy! I'd like to take all the credit for the items I make, but I do have an amazing wife, Amanda, and 3 wonderful crafty kids that help me to fulfill the orders that come in!Amanda helps with the creation of many of the designs. And, let's be real, keeps me in line!The kids help with gathering wood scraps, painting, staining, and coming up with some great ideas for products.

We are based out of Cincinnati, OH and create everything in our home.Gweikecloud is suitable to using at home, The cloud software is great for beginners but I’m using Lightburn.Better when working with layers. Many home use laser cutter only can support their online software.We use it to make some cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards,Flight Boards,and now we expand to make some keychains ,Bottle Openers&Wine Stoppers. Welcome to visit our website!

  • live in Slovakia
  • Always trying different industries
  • Dreaming start a bigger laser business

I run a lot of businesses on my own. Photo Studio, Marketing Studio, building houses, etc. But I think Engraving is a holiday for me. I started to get my hands on laser engraving in July last year. Before that, I didn't have much experience. I needed a machine that was easy to operate, so I did a lot of market research. Finally, I chose Gweikecloud. I think, working with Gweikecloud is very simple, you must understand the "layers" and you need experience whit materials, I am trying 2 weeks everything to cut en Engraving, actually, I made note of my Settings. Gweikecloud also has many settings for people, it's very helpful. Then I started customization, I have a wedding photobooks work, that received a lot of fans, I like it very much myself too, this fingerprint heart is wonderful. Recently I received another order, the customer gave me a simple sketch, it’s a grapevine, I believe they will like this!

I enjoying when I’m making projects for people. And many people ask me if I can cutting metal, this is a great market in Europe! And I want to invest a bigger laser cutting machine from Gweike and open a bigger cutting company.

  • Living in California, USA
  • 10 years experience in laser industry
  • Only takes 2 min to complete the work that I needed in 45 minutes before

I have been doing laser cutting since 2011. I think there are no real big difficulties with using lasers in general. Lasers are easy to use once you get the general hang of things (but note there are alot of intricacies that are optional that can improve outcomes) and safe as long as you follow precautions. Before using Gweikecloud, I've used simple laser engravers and more higher end lasers like the Epilog Legend. Compared to the 10w diode laser I used to have, Gweikecloud is much faster and more powerful. A job that took me 45 minutes to cut with the diode laser at 80% power takes me 2 minutes with the C02 gweike at 50%. And, of course, the pricepoint of the Gweikecloud is sweet too and the fact that it is Lightburn compatible. There is no other desktop-class laser out there that combines price and Lightburn functionality as well as Gweikecloud.

My machine is mostly for rapid prototyping of things I want to make for the house and family. Sometimes I’ll make stuff for friends but the those projects are like $10-$30. So success for me isn’t measured in money, it is measured in the ability to complete projects for home and family. Maybe in the future, I’ll make this more of a business.